Number of Aircraft: 3

VH-SIF (E2199)

VH-SFV (E2086)

VH-SFW (E2105)


Number of Aircraft: 2

VH-SAJ (E3150)

VH-SQR (E3151)



Number of Aircraft: 3

VH-SBZ (E2050)

VH-SYO (E2108)

VH-SAZ (E2148)


Number of Aircraft: 2

VH-IKJ E190-E2

VH-SEF E190-E1

VH-SFV and VH-SFW are dedicated cargo aircraft on contract with Qantas Cargo.

 VH-SIF is also a dedicated freighter and is available for ad-hoc charter.

Base: Cairns , Adelaide and Sydney

The Bae146-300 has one extra pallet space over the -200


VH-SAJ entered service in December 2019 with Pionair and is dedicated to Qantas Freight.

VH-SQR arrived into country November 2020 also for Qantas

VH-SYO "The Queen" is configured for 80 Passengers in all economy configuration. Interesting fact. This aircraft carried Queen Elizabeth on her Irish Tour in 2011


VH-SBZ "The President" is configured with 48 all Business Class seats in VIP configuration. Interesting fact : this aircraft was originally owned by President Soehaerto of Indonesia as the state VIP aircraft.


VH-SAZ is a Quick Change aircarft that can be operated in 80 all economy or all cargo.


We have charter availability NOW !

Base :  Sydney

Pionair operates two Embraer E190 aircraft . One brand new E2 aircraft on behalf of the Government of Kiribati and one  E1 owned by Pionair.


Configured for 12 First class and 64 economy (E2) or 112 all Economy ( E1) , these are state of the art new technology aircraft .

Available for charter , subject to schedule requirements.

Entry into service January 2021

Base: Brisbane

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