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Kiribati (pronounced Kiribas) is a small nation that covers an immense geographical area - which is mostly water.  The E190-E2 was chosen for its ability to economically connect two important islands, Tarawa in the west and Kiritimati or Christmas island in the east. Even with the E2 this is more than a 4 hour flight.

Services will commence by mid 2020 eventually connecting Brisbane with Honiara, Nauru, Tarawa, Fiji, Kiritimati, Honalulu and Majuro.

Our first E190-E2 , VH-IKJ has been delivered and is currently awaiting Entry into Service. 

This magnificent aircraft, owned by the Govenment of Kiribati has been purchased to develop air links and forster economic growth in the Republic of Kiribati 

Kiribati is a collection of remote islands in the Pacific Ocean , the main island being Tarawa which is infamous for the battles fought in WW2.




On behalf of the people of Kiribati, we welcome you to visit for a unforgettable experience.  

Launching April 2021 this web site will take you to our partners, Air Kiribati for your ticketing needs.


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