Freight and Cargo

Freight & Cargo

Introducing Pionair's Air Cargo Division

Whether you’re wanting to move large amounts of a single commodity or equipment to special events or mining operations, etc, the heavy lift capability of our Air Cargo Division makes our cargo service uniquely capable. Our Air Cargo division can move bulky items or other loads on an ad hoc or scheduled basis in containers or in lose loads. Unlike our competitors, we are specialists in the carriage of Dangerous Goods and we have the ability to carry up to 11 tonnes into and out of difficult to reach locations, worldwide.

Our Foreign Air Operators Certificate (FAOC) provides us with the ability to move loads and people throughout Australia, the Pacific, Asia and most other international destinations. Remote and otherwise difficult locations/regions are just one of our specialties.

Convair CV580

The ‘all-cargo’ Convair CV580 is an efficient cargo carrying aircraft with the ability to carry overweight and oversize items to many remote destinations throughout Australia and the South Pacific.

The Pionair fleet of 2 Convair CV580 cargo aircraft have a payload of up to 6000kg and with their self-sufficient APU they have the flexibility to go places aircraft of their size usually cannot go.

Domestically there are in excess of an incredible 150 destinations we are capable of servicing! We also have extensive operational experience throughout Papua New Guinea, South East Asia and the South Pacific region.

We retain significant local experience, flying into and out of Cairns, Mt Hagen, Rabaul and Lae. During 2011 and 2012 Pionair provided in access of 486 flights into and out of these aerodromes for Air Niugini, and, as such, we are fully aware of the complexities of these routes, the terrain into which we operate and the sensitivities of the various key stakeholders. 


Known as the “Whisper Jet” our BAe-146-200QC is a quiet modern jetliner that is designed to offer the most amazing performance capabilities of any modern day aircraft. Whether operating into small regional airfields or major international hubs the convenience of the BAe146 makes it a firm favorite for the cost efficient transport of cargo.

The BAe 146-200QC can be fitted out as a multi purpose role aircraft, where the carriage of cargo and passengers is easily accomplished. With a usable payload of 11,000kg the BAe146-200QC make the carriage of cargo a very attractive deal indeed. 




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