Dangerous Goods Transport

We Provide Dangerous Goods Transport Services and Air Freight in Australia

As One of the Authorities in Air Freight in Australia, Pionair Australia is Committed to Minimising Risk at All Times – A Key Aspect in Handling and Transporting Dangerous Goods.

Explosives, among many other dangerous goods, should be handled with extra care and by professionals who are highly trained in maximum security and transport of these items. We are highly reliable and are on top of your needs for the transport of these sensitive cargoes. As expert air freight forwarders, we make sure to comply with restrictions and special instructions to assure the safe arrival of your shipment.

Unlike the majority of our competitors, we have grown to become experts in the carriage of dangerous goods. Members of our team who specialise in transporting items with hazardous properties are highly trained in ensuring the safety of people, animals and the environment. We know the serious effects and injuries these items can cause and we DO NOT take that for granted in any way.

Highly Trained Professionals Specialising in Dangerous Goods Transport

Clients have trusted us for years with air charters and the safe transport of various types of dangerous goods. We have carried such items such as:

  • Military ordinance
  • Geopilots
  • Mining explosives
  • Detonators and
  • Various UN denoted dangerous goods items

Pionair has notably created an industry expectation of being an aircraft charter company that specialises in the transport of dangerous goods. We are knowledgeable and finely attuned in the code and requirements of transporting such items.

If your company needs to move any of these explosives:

  • Pyrotechnics
  • Igniters
  • Fuse and Primers
  • Blasting Caps and Detonators

We will assist you in carrying these items to various destinations and are equipped with the facilities and dependable staff.

One of the Most Trusted Air Freight Companies in Australia

How has Pionair created and achieved this industry expectation? By minimising risk, offering a safety focused service and by ensuring our service is cost-effective and on time for our valuable customers.

We have, and do continually provide dangerous goods transport services for:

  • The Australian Department of Defence
  • Various Air Freight Companies
  • Air Freight Australia
  • Australia air Express (AaE)
  • TOLL
  • Air Niugini
  • Various mines throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea

If you need more information about dangerous goods transport, aviation charter, business jet charter and air freight in Australia, feel free to contact us and talk to our representatives about your sensitive cargo needs.

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